From the desk of Deaconess Jessica Feldmann

Today I videoed some of our students at preschool telling the Christmas story.  We have not taught them the real Christmas Story of Christ’s birth yet, so to say that they were even partly correct would be an understatement.  According to our preschoolers: 

  1. Their mom and dad told Mary she was going to have a baby
  2. Mary and Scott (Joseph) traveled to Florida on an airplane
  3. Once they arrived they were hungry so they went to eat at Denny’s
  4. Then they had a baby and named him Scott
  5. Baby God, Mario, Luigi and Sonic came to see him
  6. They brought him gifts of a blue truck, a pacifier, and jammies

This is not the Christmas story about Jesus that I remember learning.  Hopefully after a few weeks of being taught the true Christmas Story we will get a more accurate rendition.  Lol!

As you look at the above story though life sounds pretty easy for Mary and Scott (I mean Joseph).  Who wouldn’t love flying to Florida?  Denny’s has some good food, and Baby God, Mario, Luigi and Sonic would probably bring some pretty amazing baby boy gifts. 

The truth of the matter is though, life was NOT so easy for Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.  Mary was an unwed, pregnant teenager.  Mary and Joseph were displaced from their home as they went to be counted in Bethlehem which was no doubt a long and exhausting trip in and of itself.  And they were alone and afraid as they began this life adventure without the support of family to talk to or help them in any way. 

And let us not forget Jesus, who came to live on this sinful earth, to be ridiculed, mocked, misunderstood, rejected and eventually hung on a cross by those He came to save…though in all of His glory rose again on the third day to save us from our sins.  He left the most perfect home of peace and comfort for us.

No, this was no vacation to Florida.  These were acts of faith, hope and love.  These were sacrifices made on our behalf.  God didn’t give His Son to us for Himself.  He did it all for us! 

But it doesn’t stop there…God is ALWAYS with us…no matter what!  No matter what challenge we may be going through, no matter what horrible things we may have done, and guess what…He ALWAYS will be!

So, stop beating yourself up for the things you have done and accept the free gift of forgiveness He has already granted you.  When one lives in the guilt of the past, it isn’t that they are not forgiven, it is that they haven’t forgiven themselves.  My dear friends…God has forgiven you!  That was the whole purpose for sending His Son…so go now and live as a forgiven sinner and share this good news with others in all that you think, say and do!  After all…others are waiting to hear that message for themselves as well!

Living today and every day as a forgiven sinner!  Merry Christmas my dear friends!

Deaconess Jessica Feldmann


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