Our History

Do you ever wonder if any of those Lutherans who gathered on January 25, 1925 for the first ever Lutheran worship service in Salem, IL had any idea what they were starting?  By God’s grace and goodness, and through the hard work and faithfulness of so many people, Salem Lutheran Church has blossomed and grown into a thriving congregation of approximately 550 souls.  Many words could be used to describe this group of God’s people:  warm, welcoming, loving, caring, vibrant, one big happy family.  But the word that best describes it more than any other is BLESSED.  We are and always have been a BLESSED congregation:

  • BLESSED with faithful pastors and leaders.
  • BLESSED with a warm family atmosphere.
  • BLESSED with dynamic music and worship.
  • BLESSED with dedicated, hard-working officers, staff, and lay volunteers.
  • BLESSED with a desire to grow.
  • BLESSED with a willingness to try new things.
  • BLESSED with lots and lots of young people who represent the future of our church.
  • BLESSED with God’s life-giving Word and faith-strengthening Sacraments.
  • BLESSED with a Savior who would rather die for us than spend eternity without us.
  • BLESSED with the Holy Spirit’s power and presence as we carry out the Lord’s work.