February Newsletter


What Was My Part?

     So…we got a puppy! Yes, that is the gift that Mike and I got the kids that we had such a hard time keeping a secret because we were so excited. Before she came to our house I watched MANY videos about training so that we would be able to help her have the best start possible. I actually laughed as I told Mike that I researched way more on how to take care of a puppy than I did how to raise a child…oops.  

     During one of the many videos a lady said “if your puppy has an accident the only person you should be mad at is yourself, because you weren’t watching her well enough.” I had never thought about it that way…though it is hard with our particular puppy because she has so much hair and sits so low to the ground it is hard to tell if she is even doing anything until she hasn’t moved for a while.

     But this all got me thinking about how many times in life this is the case. When our kids do something wrong, would it have been prevented had we been paying attention? When we get into a fight with a loved one (or anyone for that matter), could it have been prevented had we been paying attention to what they were saying or how they were responding? Or, are we just having an off day and are more likely to respond in a negative way, could we not prevent problems by just paying attention to our own body? There are so many things in our life that could go better if we would just pay better attention.  

     God has made our bodies so uniquely. He has given us the ability to read other’s facial expressions so we can tell how they are doing. He has given us the ability to read our own body so that we can change our own behavior for the better. And He has given us the ability to be aware of the many things happening in our homes at one time so that we can make it a better place to live.

     Now…the fact of the matter is…our puppy has peed in our house more than her fair share. We even picked up the only rug in the house so she wouldn’t ruin it. We are not paying close enough attention, but every day we get better and so does she.  

     So here is the thing, while we all should improve on using this great gift of paying attention that God has given us…we also need to remember. We need to remember that God also gave us the gift of forgiveness!  

      Let’s face it, we all fail. None of us are Jesus so we are going to need to say we are sorry and ask for forgiveness. God knew this. It was part of His master design.      

     I have taught my Confirmation Class more than once that our lives are like a tricycle. We sin, we face judgment, but then God gives us His grace…and this cycle repeats itself over and over again. Praise the Lord for giving us His much needed grace!

     Dear Lord, please help us all to be more aware. More aware of how our behaviors affect the lives of others, and help us to remember that when we fail, You still love us and will forgive us. For this is the reason You sent Your precious Son!  Thank You so much for giving us exactly what we need. Amen

In Service to Him, 

Deaconess Jessica Feldmann


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