Coronavirus Protocol for SLC

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, these are the protocols we are adopting for Sunday Mornings:

Dear Salem Lutheran Church Family,

“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me,” says Jesus in John 14:1. 

Our nation and community are experiencing concern, confusion, and fear due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19. As God’s people we have the opportunity to give witness to our faith as we bring comfort and calm to our local community and church family. We hope to do this by establishing practices and procedures designed to keep people feeling safe. Your pastors, Board of Elders, and Staff are taking this situation seriously and seek to practically and lovingly do our best to lessen the risk to our church family.

Beginning this Sunday…

1. We will no longer be shaking hands before and after the service. We also recommend church members not shaking hands or hugging one another either. Feel free to wave, elbow pump, touch feet or just say hello!

2. Worship services and Bible study groups will continue until that time when a governing authority should tell us to stop assembling for public safety. However, please know that if you are older (especially over 80), have chronic health conditions, or have any concerns that you may be sick or have been exposed to the virus, it is OK to miss Church.  Please stay home if you have ANY concern.

3. If you are sick with a fever, cough, or you are sneezing – please STAY HOME and DO NOT come to church. DO NOT send any children to the nursery, Sunday School, Bible study groups, or Children’s Church if they have any symptoms – OR if they have a family member who is sick.

4. Regarding Holy Communion, there have been studies conducted for over 100 years regarding the transmission of diseases via the Lord’s Supper. There has never been any evidence showing viruses are transmitted through the taking of Communion.  With this in mind, our pastors and Elders distributing Communion will thoroughly wash or sanitize their hands prior to serving the Sacrament. The ushers will limit the number of people at the rail to 8 so we are not crowded. We will all stand, rather than kneel, for Communion. If you are uncomfortable for any reason taking Communion, it is completely acceptable to refrain from taking it!

5. The offering plates will no longer be passed hand to hand through the congregation. Instead, we will place offering plates inside the sanctuary doors to receive the offerings.

6. Hand sanitizer has been placed in community areas around the facility.

7. In the event that we cannot safely assemble for worship, or you feel like you need to stay home, online options will be made available for worship. 

8. Any changes in these protocols will be communicated via OneCallNow phone messages and our Facebook page which is Salem Lutheran Church Youth. If you know of individuals who will not receive these updates please contact them to pass along the information.

As the church we ask the Lord to help us when we are afraid and to give us strength to love and support our neighbors who are impacted by this crisis.  It is a great time to show the world how we put our fear, love, and trust in God alone while also submitting to the wisdom of governing authorities when and where it is necessary.  God reminds us that in this life we will go through difficult times, but He also reminds us that He will be with us always.  If at any time you or a family member needs help, please contact Pastor Meyer (618-267-3420), Pastor Mike (402-369-1747), or the church office (548-3190).

The Board of Elders

Pastor Meyer

Pastor Mike