Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ!

Are you exhausted yet from all the Christmas shopping and advertisement which has been bombarding us since before Halloween???? Are you tired of trying to plan who is going where for Christmas dinner or what you are going to eat??? Are you tired of listening to Christmas music which some family members have been listening to since, must I admit it, since before Halloween??? Even though we are officially done with Thanksgiving and the official Christmas season is upon us … are you ready for it to be over?

Christmas is one of those times which is supposed to be festive and filled with sugar plums dancing in our head and the spread of jolly good cheer. However, the craziness of Christmas parties, finding the right present for that special person, and planning your own family Christmas celebration can suck the “Ho, Ho, Ho” and any good cheer out of us. Before we know it, we’ll be saying “Bah humbug! I can’t wait for spring.

Well … let me offer you something a little different.

This Advent season we again are offering you our usual opportunity to gather together as the family of Christ on Wednesday evenings … but with a slight twist.

We will come together each week before the service as the family of Christ for our meal, like we have done in years past. We will have opportunity to eat, mingle with others, and enjoy some great moments of fellowship. But here is where the twist comes in. Instead of getting up, throwing away our “happy plates” (as we call them at our house) … we will leave our dishes on the table and also stay at our tables. Then, from our tables we will have our family-style devotion. Once the devotion is over, then we will clear off the tables and put everything away.  Essentially … we will eat together as a family, worship together as a family, and then we clean up together as a family. Just like what can be done at home.

The style of the service is also something you could very easily do at your very own dinner table.

Here is how the service will look:

  • Advent/Christmas Hymn Sing
  • Having the kids help with an Advent calendar
  • Sing a song
  • Bible Readings
  • Sermonette (roughly 5 minutes or so)
  • Prayers
  • Sing another song

As a parent, I understand that evening services can be difficult for our little ones with bedtime routines and having school the next day. This service is designed with that in mind. As you can see, there is a part of the service they can participate in and there

Is no age limit to this part. So from tiny wobblers to the older kids, all are welcome to come up. The service itself will be shorter than in years past as I have designed the service to be roughly 30 minutes so that families can go home, get the kids ready for bed, and still have time to work on homework.

Advent is a special time of the year as we look forward to and prepare our hearts for the true reason of Christmas, the birth of Christ. I pray that in the midst of the craziness of the Christmas season, you will take time to join us and relax in the refreshing comfort of fellowship with fellow family members and within the comforts of God’s amazing Word.

God’s blessings,

                                                Pastor Mike